Made for Multi-Location C-Stores.

Manage inventory and operations across several stores with a point of sale solution made for multi-location c-stores.

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Add & Edit Items on the Move

Add and edit items directly from any mobile device — like a smartphone or tablet — to ensure your product database stays accurate and up to date from anywhere.

Search the Smart Way

Find products quickly with an integrated search engine. Save time at the register by typing in a product code or keyword — like “diet soda” — to receive relevant results in seconds.

Break Cases With Ease

Split cases or packs of products — like cigarettes or tallboy beers — into individual sale items to streamline inventory tracking for your c-store.

Generate Barcodes & Labels

Create barcodes and print labels directly from your system or mobile device to simplify inventory management.

Promote Mix & Match Offers

Encourage customers to explore and purchase various products with mix and match promotions. Offer discounts for bundled items like a snack pack or a “drink and chips” combo.

Engage With Your Customers

Connect with your customers through targeted promotions, discounts, and updates about new products by creating SMS and email marketing campaigns directly from your system.

Track Sales Performance

Gain valuable insights into your convenience store's sales performance with integrated reporting and analytics tools. Monitor sales trends, identify top-selling products, and make informed decisions to grow your business — all from your system or mobile device.

Accept All Tender Types

Manage transactions with diverse tender types in your c-store — accept cash, check, and debit and credit cards. Process partial tenders and mobile or contactless payments to accommodate your customers' preferences.

Track Lottery Sales

Track and manage lottery sales with multiple payout options and lottery management processes.

Keep Your Store Secure

Ensure the security of your convenience store with role management and activity monitoring, granting employees access only to the features and functions they need.

Verify Customer Ages

Safeguard your business and your customers with a built-in age verification feature. Scan your customers’ IDs with a specialized barcode scanner to validate ages for age-restricted items — like tobacco, alcohol, and lottery tickets — so you stay compliant with federal regulation.

Customize Your Hotkeys

Personalize your point of sale interface with a fully customizable touchscreen and button layout. Organize categories and products for easy navigation, and create dedicated shortcuts for popular items.

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