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Create an unrivaled customer experience using the POS solution built specifically for convenience store owners. Inventory, speedy checkouts, and customer service all in your control.


All the features you need, none of the costly bells and whistles you don't.

Easy and Complete Inventory Control


inventory management

Easy and Complete Inventory Control

You need to juggle a wide variety of products. Our unlimited database of items makes inventory a breeze.

  • Create and sell grouped items with built-in mix and match pricing.
  • Automatically record the status of cartons, packs, and boxes when individual units sell.
  • Set reorder thresholds for your inventory to automatically generate and send purchase orders.

Store Performance Analytics

Use actionable insights to make better decisions for your c-store.

  • Run easy, customizable, and accurate reports at the end of the day, week, or year.
  • Track the least sold to most sold items and stay on top of what your daily customers want.
  • Group reports by category, including sales, inventory, customer, and employee reports.
Store Performance Analytics

Boost sales

with smart reporting

Employee Management

Keep track

of your team

Employee Management

Remove the administrative burden of employee time management and let our system do the work for you.

  • Easily manage schedules and keep staff updated on changes.
  • Set pay rates and make running payroll easier.
  • Set employee permissions on your system for security and peace of mind.

Easy to Implement and Use

Speed up checkout with an easy-to-use system, intuitive interface, and lightening fast software.

  • Train your staff on the technology that makes their lives easier.
  • Say goodbye to complicated dashboards, clunky systems, and missing features.
  • Rely on onboarding, setup, and 24/7 support so you can work on your business, not in it.
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Amp up

business operations

Flexible Payment Options

Offer easy

payment options

Flexible Payment Options

Keep customers coming back with the freedom to pay in a way that's convenient for them.

  • Accept all standard payments, including EMV, Debit, EBT Food, EBT Cash, gift cards, and checks.
  • Provide contactless options, including Apple Pay, Google Pay, and NFC-enabled cards.
  • Avoid over-the-top processing fees and long contracts.

Integrated Dual Pricing

Save money and lower the cost of credit card processing by passing it on to your customers.

  • Empower your staff to seamlessly offer options to pass the cost of processing onto your customers.
  • Give consumers the option to pay with cash and avoid paying the fee with credit.
  • Enjoy this feature at no extra cost. It's baked into your C-Store POS system.
Integrated Cash Discounting

Save money

on processing fees

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