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Boost your bottom line with a point of sale solution designed for bodegas.

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Bespoke Bodega Solutions

Elevate your bodega sales with a POS system tailored to meet your unique needs.

Efficient Age Verification

Safeguard your business and clientele with built-in age verification capabilities. Simply scan customers' IDs, and your system will automatically confirm their age, ensuring compliance with legal requirements.

Expert Inventory Management

Master inventory control with unlimited SKU support and real-time tracking. From loose-leaf tobacco to a variety of snacks, maintain well-stocked shelves by monitoring product quantities, setting reorder points, and receiving alerts when popular items start running low.

Add and Edit Items On-The-Fly

Effortlessly add and edit items directly from any mobile gadget – be it a smartphone or tablet – ensuring your product catalog remains current and accurate, no matter where you are.

Intelligent Item Search

Swiftly locate products with the help of a built-in search engine. Save precious time and energy at the register by inputting a product code or keyword—such as “lottery tickets”—for quick, relevant results.

Effortless Case Breaks

Easily divide packs or cases of cigarettes and cigars into individual items for sale, enabling seamless and automatic tracking of your bodega’s inventory.

Personalized Interface Customization

Adapt your point-of-sale interface with customizable touchscreens and button layouts. Arrange categories and products for comfortable navigation, and create dedicated shortcuts for popular tobacco brands or other top-selling merchandise to expedite transactions.

Barcode and Label Integration

Efficiently generate barcodes and print labels directly from your system or mobile device, streamlining inventory administration.

Incentivize Loyal Customers

Encourage customer loyalty with integrated reward points and flexible discount capabilities. Establish a loyalty program that awards customers with points for every dollar spent, which can be redeemed for future purchase discounts—e.g., a 10% discount for every $100 spent.

Enticing Mix-and-Match Promotions

Attract customers with mix-and-match promotional offers, providing discounts when they purchase multiple products together—like a bodega "bundle" that includes cigarettes, a lighter, and a beverage.

Engage with Your Customer Base

Connect with your customers through targeted promotions, exclusive deals, and new product updates by devising SMS and email marketing campaigns sent directly from your POS system.

Comprehensive Sales Analysis 

Unlock valuable insights into your bodega’s sales performance with integrated reporting and analytical tools. Monitor sales trends, pinpoint top-selling products, and make informed decisions to grow your business—all within your POS system or mobile device.

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